Jake Walton

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Jake Walton,

The 'Hurdy Gurdy Man'


Vocal/Guitar/Hurdy Gurdy/Dulcimer


Jake Walton

was a pioneer of the gurdy and dulcimer revival of the mid 1970's.


Jake is a unique singer/songwriter who has toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and America. Jakes long awaited album Silver Muse was released autumn 2015 and like his previous album Emain -'The Unknown Land' features Breton musician Eric Liorzou.


Emain is distributed through

'Proper Distribution'


"A Celtic music pioneer before

the term was invented."

Colin Irwin - Mojo


ŠVivien Nicholson 2011

A wind is on the moorland, moonlight's on the sea. Traveller's in the firelight, by shadow of the tree. Far from the troubles of the world and far from the ways of men, traveller lights his fire in the darkness of the glen. Search for the plain of silver and rest for the weary soul. When the hare's to the moon at twilight, he'll watch for the way unknown, traveller's in the starlight, close by standing stone. The eagle sails the hillside, salmon swims in the burn, the stag he rests in the half light, from these the heart will learn. Traveller stand in silence, close to the earth and tree, part of the wind and star shine, traveler's alone and free.

(Jake Walton 2001)


New Album "Silver Muse" now available


Fantastic new album finds Jake at his best and featuring guest musicians.


Jake Walton:  Vocals, guitars, dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy

Eric Liorzou:  Guitars, mandola, programming/samples

Jez Lowe:  Cittern

Bryony Holden:  Harmony vocals

David De La Haye:  Bass guitar

Erin Holden:  Dulcimer, shakers

Athene Roberts:  Fiddle

Pete "Peewee" Coleman:  Recorders

Alex West:  Flute

Kathryn Wheeler:  Accordion


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